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October 07, 2007

President Bush is sending signals that he won't back down from his veto of the children's health insurance program. But Health Secretary Mike Leavitt said Sunday the president is willing to go above the extra $5 billion he pledged to the program.

Despite the $5 billion increase, the program would actually cover fewer children because of rising health care costs.

The bill President Bush vetoed last week would have increased funding to the program by $35 billion, mainly by increasing the tax on cigarettes.

The president called it a path to socialized medicine and he doesn't like the increased tax.

California is one of 8 states now suing the Bush Administration, claiming the President's proposal means 800 California kids will lose their insurance every day.

Thousands of kids in the valley are already without insurance. Now the Fresno County Board of Supervisors will vote on a resolution encouraging valley Congress Members to override the President's veto.

The resolution would only be symbolic, but supervisor Henry Perea says it would be a powerful message. Other supervisors say they're still undecided about the resolution, but at least one says the county shouldn't get involved in the Federal Government's business.

Democrats say they'll take the next couple weeks to convince some Republicans to switch their votes before they take an official vote to override the veto.

The valley's Congress Members were split on the health insurance bill. Democrat Jim Costa co-sponsored the bill and voted yes, as did Democrat Dennis Cardoza.

But Republicans George Radanovich and Devin Nunes voted against it.

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