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April 08, 2008

Report links deaths in California to lack of insurance

A report by a national health advocacy group says at least eight Californians die every day because they lack health insurance or have insufficient coverage.

The study, conducted by Families USA, says an estimated 3,100 adults died in California in 2006 because they lacked health insurance, could not afford care or received substandard or late care because of a lack of insurance.

The report follows a three-year study by the National Institute of Medicine that linked roughly 18,000 deaths annually to a lack of insurance in the U.S.

Families USA, based in Washington, D.C., says its report is the first to link deaths to a lack of health insurance on the state level.

The group says the uninsured are less likely to have regular physician visits and more likely to put off the medical care they need. They also receive less health care once they are in hospitals and often cannot afford prescription medication to control chronic illnesses.

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