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June 05, 2008

Kaiser Permanente Extends California Group Enrollment Deadline

Kaiser Permanente Extends California Group Enrollment Deadline
Deadline extended to Friday, June 6 for new groups to lock in current rates for one year.

Kaiser Permanente California has extended the small group enrollment deadline to this Friday, June 6. Small businesses that apply by Friday can lock in the current rates for one year. After June 6, rates will be increasing on average between 8% and 12%. Some Kaiser medical insurance plans will experience an increase in health insurance premiums as much as 17%.

The plan being hit the hardest by rate increases is the $0/$1500 Deductible Plan with HSA. Kaiser Permanente priced this plan very competitively in 2007 in order to gain market share on the new health savings account plans. Utilization on this plan was higher than expected and forced Kaiser Permanente to implement rate increases around 17% for new groups who begin coverage on July 1, 2008.

For these reasons, many groups are scurrying to get California group health insurance quotes and lock in coverage before the rates go up. Kaiser Permanente underwriters and staff, facing this influx of business and wanting to give groups enough time to submit enrollment forms, made the decision this week to extend the small group enrollment deadline five days beyond the normal June 1st deadline.

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